101 Ideas to save you money on your wedding!

There are thousands of great ideas out there!  Some of these might not be helpful but you can choose ones that fit your wedding ideas!

We have to say first of all shop Arwood's Custom jewelry.  They can recycle diamonds you already have and save you a ton of money.  Arwood's has the state for the arts in computer jewelry design software, and Max Arwood is one of the few jewelry disigners that has won several awards for jewelry design.  We also offer a free design session with our designer.

Next - look on line - Google everything!!!

Don't overlook Amazon, Etsy and Ebay and even Craigslist for wedding bargins!  Craigslist and Ebay are great places to get nice gently worn wedding dresses at a real bargain.  Just think, these have only been worn once :).

We are starting this collection - So If you have more ideas please email them to us!

Small weddings are great at a friends home.

Church weddings are great. If you are a member of a church you usually get a discount or don't have to pay at all! Be sure to look into this.

Having your wedding on a Friday night is so much less expensive than doing it on a Saturday.

The single most effective way to slash the cost of a wedding is to trim the guest list. 

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